Use of Our Products

From the quarry and from the numerous procedures carried out, many products are created, each with different characteristics and uses: the desiccated filler (100 microns) is used for asphalts, concretes, bituminous mixes, waterproof foundations, base layer of carpets, rugs, stair-carpets and substrate for synthetic grass carpets for sports fields; the powders of various grain measurements are used for fabricating tiles, agglomerates, prefabrications, mosaics, fabricating roof tiles e.g. slates, in the glass industry and general building and construction; the chips are used for cladding walls, textured wall finishes, containment cages for engineering in nature and chosen stones for paving, and finally the prestigious pebbles with dimensions from 2 to 250mm which are used in different environments: fabricating tiles, agglomerates, prefabrications, creating mosaics, risseau-type paving, urban decoration and garden ornaments.