About Us

The future of our work

The firm Armati Cav. Tranquillo & C. s.n.c. is a company with over 100 years of experience in the activities of extraction, production and selling of Marmo Nero Ebano powders, a characteristic stone of Bergamo, which has long been renowned for its beauty, as witnessed in its use in the columns of St Marks Cathedral in Venice. In the fifties, Armati Tranquillo, honoured by the title of knight, commenced the enormous undertaking of extracting more than 500 thousand cubic metres of marble.

The range of products and their possible uses evolved along with the tools.


Our products are realized through a complex productive process, using last generation machines and plants.

Environmental recovery

Along with the mining activity, Armati Cav. Tranquillo & C. snc is engaged in the restoration of the quarry face. Specific interventions are planned and implemented to create wooded areas as much as possible in accordance with the ecological conditions of the place, with the aim of restore a forest as natural as possible.