With sizes from 2 to 300 mm, rounded shape, obtained by an accurate mechanical process of transformation of the stone extracted from our quarry.

Our precious Nero Ebano marble pebbles, characterized by a rounded shape, are the result of an accurate mechanical transformation process of the stone extracted from our quarry. In addition to being widely used in the building and prefabricated construction sector, pebbles are an excellent solution for enhancing street furniture, flower beds, gardens and for the decoration of public and private gardens. If used for the construction of paths and risseu flooring, the pebbles give value and elegance to the final result. They are also appreciated as an interior design element.

Ciottoli 2 – 4 mm

Ciottoli 4 – 7 mm

Ciottoli 7 – 15 mm

Ciottoli 15 – 25 mm

Ciottoli 25 – 40 mm

Ciottoli 40 – 60 mm

Ciottoli 60 – 100 mm

Ciottoli 100 – 150 mm

Ciottoli 100 – 200 mm

Ciottoli 200 – 400 mm